Volunteer Work

Student Instructions: You will work at an instructor approved site for an event, work with the public, or for experience or specific training.  You are responsible for contacting the site and setting up your volunteer hours and getting approval from the instructor before completing the hours.  Choose something that you think you may be interested in such as archives, a museum, etc. You must complete 2 hours of work, either at the same time or at two different one hour sessions.  A form is provided on D2L that you must have signed and filled out by the person who directs your volunteer work.  Hours may be in conjunction with your project, but they do not have to be. Your signed volunteer sheet is worth 5 points, and you must also write a 2 page reflection essay detailing the work you did, what you did or did not like about it, what you learned, and how you think this volunteer work will help you in your future.  This essay will be worth 10 points and you must follow essay and paper guidelines as listed above.  This may be completed any time during the semester, but it does have a due date!


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