Student Projects

Below are links to individual pages for each student who created a project that can be hosted on this website.

The syllabus stated:  Project – This is flexible and should be something you can enjoy and are interested in.  You can do oral history, a project with a museum or the archives, a travel brochure, collections planning, or many other things.  You are responsible for coming up with your own topic- I can’t decide for you.  I am willing to help you with contacts or ideas, however.  The project is worth 40 total points and is broken down into a rubric as listed below.   First, you will turn in a project description for 5 points; this should include information about your topic as well as ideas for how you will complete the project.  Next you will bring in a progress report and share your ideas with the class in small groups.  The report will be turned in and worth 10 points of your project grade.  You will also have a process essay of at least 3 pages explaining how you completed the project and any difficulties or successes you had throughout your project; this is worth 10 points.  The final product, which will be variable depending on the type of project, will be worth 10 points.  The 5 final points of your project will be for an in class presentation about the project and peer review of the project.

Students were creative in their approaches and they were able to create a product for their portfolios that related to their own personal interests.

Explore those projects here!

Kevin Lopez – Template for Museum/Program Brochure

Mike Lannom – Brochure for the Kitchen Garden at The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson 

Emily States – Rock Castle and Daniel Smith Lesson Plans

Lisa Kleinert – Coloring Pages

Ethan Willis – Promotional Video for the Albert Gore Research Center

Jordan Perez – Underground Railroad Program

Brandon Mason – African American Cemeteries of Rutherford County

Neda Kacarevic – Historic Bosnia

Whitney Johnson – Historic Smyrna Brochure

Jennie Epp – Historic Carnton Plantation

Josh Conley – Ingram 1926 Historic Structure Report

Hewitt Spain – Chichen Itza Information Brochure


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