This is flexible and should be something you can enjoy and are interested in.  You can do oral history, a project with a museum or the archives, a travel brochure, collections planning, or many other things.  You are responsible for coming up with your own topic- I can’t decide for you.  I am willing to help you with contacts or ideas, however.  The project is worth 40 total points and is broken down into a rubric as listed below.   First, you will turn in a project description for 5 points; this should include information about your topic as well as ideas for how you will complete the project.  Next you will bring in a progress report and share your ideas with the class in small groups.  The report will be turned in and worth 10 points of your project grade.  You will also have a process essay of at least 3 pages explaining how you completed the project and any difficulties or successes you had throughout your project; this is worth 10 points.  The final product, which will be variable depending on the type of project, will be worth 10 points.  The 5 final points of your project will be for an in class presentation about the project and peer review of the project.


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