Kevin Lopez – Brochure Template

Template for Museum Brochure

Example – Using Star Wars and the Force

Project Process Essay – By Kevin Lopez

When thinking about what kind of project I would do, I wanted to approach the idea with practicality. I wanted to create something that would be useful and manageable on my end. At first, I had a lot of difficulty selecting what I wanted to do with the project. But as always the case with me, once the deadline got close something popped in my head.

I came to the idea of creating a template for a useful and successful brochure for programs and exhibits. I wanted to create a brochure that used, what I felt, were the most useful layout and information. I looked at five different brochures from local sites like The Frist, Cheekwood and the Hermitage. I tried to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each brochure. The final tangible product is a brochure that I feel fully pulls in all the positive aspects of the brochures I viewed.  I completed this project by applying what I learned in class with my basic understanding of what I feel a visitor would want to see on a brochure.

I faced a few challenges with this project. First of all was my limited knowledge of design. While I eventually went with the design I saw as most pulling to the eye, it was hard to overcome my lack of knowledge of creating design. Also, I had to deal with limited time and resources. While I fully feel we were given plenty of time to achieve our goal, I myself had to deal with limited time because of my workload on and off campus. I had to deal with limited resources as well. While there are many of templates available, trying to create your own is not as easy as it sounds. I have to work off a few templates and try to create something I felt of was creation. That was very, very hard. It seemed every idea I came to could easily be found on another template. So while I fully strived to create an original work, I found that my template is very similar to a template on Microsoft. But I took ease in the fact that I fully tried to create something new. Another difficulty for me was just trying to choose what is successful and what is not. I eventually decided to show the brochures I collected to people in my inner circle and try to get their input on what they felt a good brochure should display. This helped a ton. From there I was able to insert what needed to be in the brochure based on their and my ideas.

My greatest successes fall around the support I received from my wife and inner circle. Their input was very important to my template and helped my project fully achieve its potential. It was a success to me on many fronts. While I can acknowledge it is not a great accomplishment for Public History, I feel that I created something I can be proud of. The success of the project, for me, is that I am proud of the hard work I put into it.

At first I honestly dreaded the project. Once I realized what I got myself into I had a hard time fully investing myself into the project. I let it linger longer than I should have. But after the initial shock, I was able to attack the project. I really enjoyed getting my family and friends input on a good brochure. It was a lot of fun to create something based on the knowledge and feeling of people close to me. I did enjoy creating the design of the template once I got past the true difficulty. It took me acknowledging my limitations and using my knowledge base to the best of my ability. Overall, I did enjoy the project.

My dislikes of the project deal around my design limitations and the vast amount of templates that my template ended up looking like. I found it disparaging that even with all the work to try to create something original that I ended up with something you can find on Microsoft. Another dislike was my limited time I could apply to my project. I wished I could have applied more time to it but I felt I gave the amount of time I could to it. Overall, my dislikes are based on my knowledge and time. I wish I could have a design artist create something with the ideas I was able to come up with and use this knowledge to its fullest extent.

I am not sure how this would help with the public’s understanding of Public History. But I do feel it is a good way to connect to the public. It allows for access to quick information to be given to visitors and people interested in visiting the program or exhibit. I feel there is true value in having a successful brochure that pulls in a visitor and gives them vital information. A successful brochure can also pull in future visitors. It can be taken home and passed on to another person that may have interest in the program or exhibit. It is something that connect people to the exhibit or program in more ways than one such as a keepsake, an intro, or a way to take information about the program or site home with them.

This project connects with the readings of this course by applying them to a real project. Many of the readings talked about pulling in and giving info to the public. What better way to do so then through an east to read, easy to access and easy to carry medium? A successful brochure allows History to be passed to the public and creates interest from the public. It is the application of many of the readings.

Overall, I feel like I did achieve something with this project. It may be only inner accomplishment, but I feel there is value in doing things. Having to take time and create something is an experience I fully support that everyone should do. Creating your own ideas and finding ways to apply them to the real world is a great learning experience. I can carry this experience with me in my future endeavors.


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