This website was created to host student work produced for Explorations in Public History, 3110-001 at Middle Tennessee State University in the Spring 2012 semester under the instruction of Ms. Katie Stringer.


This course provides and introduction to the field of Public History.  We will explore the four main tracts of this field including archives, museums, cultural resource management, historic preservation, oral history, and much more.  Since the field is in a contemporary evolution other aspects of the profession will also be discussed.  While studying the main elements of professions related to public history the class will experience technology, media, popular culture, consulting, tourism, exhibits, just to name a few.  While studying the main elements of the professions, students will meet professionals from various fields and also be immersed in out-of-class, real-world experiences dealing with public history.  The goal of this class is to pique the interest of those students who may wish to pursue a career or graduate degree in history that engages with the public.  Lastly, students will also learn more about post-baccalaureate opportunities for those who wish to look for immediate employment in the field, or for those students who wish to pursue graduate level programs in public history.


  • What is public history?
  • Who owns history?
  • Bias and POV
  • Audiences
  • Archaeology
  • Material Culture
  • Archives
  • Historic Preservation
  • Oral History
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Historic Memory
  • Museums
  • Education
  • Public Programming
  • Exhibits
  • History in Unexpected Places
  • Popular Culture
  • Environmental Protection
  • National Parks
  • Media & Technology
  • Jobs & Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Issues & Problems

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